When he uncovers the reality, Bradley continually urges Stacey to have an abortion. After hours of pleading with Bradley, she lastly gives up and after doing so, their romance sours. Subsequently, they start an affair and Max agrees to divorce his spouse, Tanya Branning . Max propositions Stacey after the wedding ceremony and their brief kiss is recorded on Max’s eldest daughter Lauren’s hidden video digital camera.

Stacey is displeased when Hayley returns and Martin discovers Stacey is expounded to Hayley when Stacey declares that she still loves him. After going out with Martin, Sonia arranges a break free for them, however modifications her thoughts when she witnesses Martin comforting Stacey and as a substitute insists that Martin reconcile with Stacey. Stacey and Martin’s reunion becomes public knowledge when they’re caught together in the shed on the allotments and later in Martin’s van. Stacey hears from Lauren that Max has tried killing Ian Beale and tries calming him down, letting him keep with her and Martin, however, they practically kiss.

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Stacey additionally turns into closely involved in the murder of Den Watts when she gives her cousin Zoe Slater a false alibi for his homicide, touchdown an harmless Sam Mitchell in prison. Sam’s family and Sharon strain her into telling the reality, and ultimately Den’s spouse Chrissie Watts is arrested for the homicide. When Bex’s mother and Martin’s former wife Sonia Fowler leaves, Bex strikes in with the Fowlers, leaving the flat overcrowded, so that they move into Sonia’s old home. Kat sees Stacey strolling right into a salon, from the top deck of a bus in London. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, the place she meets Lily and Stacey’s boyfriend, Luke Riley .

His mother and father are informed about gear that isn’t available on the NHS that can assist Arthur, which Kush supplies, angering Stacey as Martin requested Kush for the money. Arthur falls unconscious and Stacey and Martin are advised that Arthur has swallowed Stacey’s bipolar medication. However, Lily tells Carmel that Stacey was accountable, so Carmel stories this to social services, but tries to retract what she mentioned after realising it was a mistake. Social providers go to the household and place Arthur and Lily in Carmel’s care till they’ve investigated.

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After screaming at Carmel and Kush, Stacey suffers an eclamptic seizure and is rushed to the hospital, where she and Martin are told her baby must be delivered prematurely as a result of a scarcity of oxygen. By the time of Charlie’s funeral, Stacey is satisfied that Martin is a demon who is working with the satan. Eventually, Martin convinces her that he is not a demon and that a hospital is the most secure place for her and Arthur. However, she is then sectioned after refusing to voluntarily admit herself, because she shall be separated from Arthur.

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Stacey writes Martin a letter revealing that Arthur is Kush’s son, however decides to not ship it, however a nurse finds it and offers it to Martin; Martin is heartbroken. Stacey begs for his forgiveness, however he goes to America, returning a number of weeks later and so they reunite. He explains that he is transgender and he was her sister but is now her brother. Stacey accepts and supports him and permits him to remain at her and Martin’s flat. Stacey tells Martin she has a stalker, and when Jean and Ollie visit, she tells them too.

During a storm she goes to the roof of The Queen Vic, saying that God is coming for Arthur. Martin finds her there and she tells him that Arthur was despatched from God and now she is ready for God to rescue them. Martin is compelled to go along with this and convinces her to come back residence with him. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, where she meets Lily and Stacey’s boyfriend, Luke Riley. Luke believes that Stacey’s name is “Jenny Smith” and is unaware of her criminal history. Kat later tells Luke “Jenny” is actually Stacey so he ends the connection.

Gray advises Kush to talk to Arthur alone about his possible jail sentence. Whitney is left disappointed when Kush cancels their date however she is knowing. When she tells Gray that she’s obtainable to take care of his kids after all, Gray hides his triumph. Kush Kazemi plans a time out with girlfriend Whitney Dean and his son Arthur Fowler to talk about his future.

She steals money from her household, sleeps with varied men on the go and becomes a heavy drinker. In the midst of her sickness, she is devastated when Bradley asks her for a divorce. She is recognized with bipolar disorder, but is non-compliant along with her medication and turns into paranoid, experiencing hallucinations.

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